4 Man Indoor Challenge 2

4 Man Indoor Challenge  2
Event Date: Sat. Feb. 19, 2011
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  4 Man Woods Ball Challenge  

Indoor Tournament &Top Gun


Pre-registration starts now!  (10 Teams Max) 

Event Date Sat. Feb.19, 2011   



Start Time- 11:00am


Entries- $20.00 per player Top Gun entries- $5.00 (Must be paid with players entries.

Paint- $20.00 per bag (This is Event Paint Only)



Free HPA 3000 psi fills.



Free Rental Equipment use for this Game- (Includes Goggles, Marker with unlimited Air)



This is a recreation player event. Teams can roster 1advance player (Player that plays both woods ball/speedball)



Note – Door Prizes at end of the day also Medals for 1st place winning team.



Team & players name on a large trophy for bragging rights.



Top Gun Event- We will have 2 divisions 10-18 years and 19 and older.



Each winning player from each division will receive 1st place medal and each player will receive a prize based on the number of players that signs up for the event.


Please Note- Deposits paid in full are required by Feb 13, 2011 this will let us and teams know how many teams are playing in this event.

After due date player entries $25.00.





You can pre-register by, money order, Cash at the store or at field.
Please make payment to:   C/o brucesonline.com



Mail to:  brucesonline.com
               8916Commercial St. New Minas B4N 3C9
               Telephone: 902-681-9469
               FAX: 902-681-0742



Please be sure to include the following info with your payment: Name, Address, Phone #, E-mail.


For more Info E-mail me at brianadams@ns.sympatico.ca

4 Man Indoor Challenge Feb 19, 2011   Update

We would like to thank all the players that made it out to this event, without you these events wouldn’t be possible. We enjoyed talking to the players and watching all the games and seeing everyone having a great time and we hope all the players had as good of a time as we did.
With all players having equal experience the teams were well matched and it showed with the scores being fairly close except for one team they stood out from the other. It was nice to see everyone following the rules and playing fairly.  
Congratulations to the winning team, Eliminators, these players were Jason O’Hearon, Jeremy Bahri, Nathan Gates and Ryan Osmond, These players were able to end the day with 800pts out of 800 pts. Well done!
Other team scores were:
2nd      Valley Storm                  530 pts
3rd      Death Sentence             500 pts
4th      Inferno                            480 pts
5th      Hell Storm                      410 pts
6th      Gaters                            310 pts
7th      Sharp Shuters                300 pts
8th      Tropic Thunder              270 pts
9th      Spartans                             0pts   No Show
We had a Top Gun event for Sr. and Jr. Players
Case of paintballs and Medals were given out to the winners of each division
Sr. Division winner was Devan Adams Jr. Division not played.  
Prizes were drawn and given out to ticket holders at the end of the day. Prizes were valued at $600.00+. This new idea seemed to go over well with all the players and will continue to do so for the next event.