4 Man Indoor Challenge

Recreation Player Event

Pre-registration starts now! (8 Teams Max)

Event Date – March 3, 2019

Start Time - 9:30am

Entries - $60.00 per player.

Door prizes- Prizes will be drawn at end of day. Prizes will be valued based on the

number of players entered. This idea seems to go over well with all players in the past

events held at Storm Warning, This way everyone gets a chance to win whether they

win or lose.

Players must be present to receive prizes.

Includes- $20.00 goes towards door prizes and event costs. $40.00 gives you 2 bags

of 500 paintballs. Total of $60.00

ALL PLAYERS welcome whether you have a team or not, we can always put you on a


Free Rental Equipment use for this game for those players that need equipment.

This is a recreation player event no speedball teams.

Game Format

The format is simple: two teams, Center flag.

How to Pay

You can pre-register by, E-Transfer, Cash at the store or field.

E-transfer: sales@brucesonline.com

Telephone: 902-681-9469 FAX: 902-681-0742

Please include the following info with your payment: Name, Phone #, E-mail. Team


More Info E-mail me at brianadams@stormwarningpaintball.ca