Halloween 3

Halloween 3
Event Date: Oct 17, 2010
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Halloween 3    Scenario Game 

Pre-registration starts now!       RAIN OR SHINE EVENT


Register before Oct 17, 2010  

Entries -$15.00 per player with or without own gear.

Free rental equipment use for this game (Includes goggles, gun, and air tank)

*Includes-free event patch (first 150 players)



Any player that brings a guest as a rental player will save $5.00 off entries

(Limited to a max of $10.00 off)

Guest rental players will receive $5.00 off entries as well

Guest rental players must sign up before Oct17 with entries and paint paid in full, this will help speed up the morning registration on game day

Limited to first 60 players


Register on game day Oct 17, 2010

Entries - $20.00 per player with own gear.

Rental Equipment use for this Game $5.00 (Includes goggles, gun, and air tank)

*Includes-Free Event Patch (First 150 players)



Any player that brings a guest as a rental player on game day will save $5.00 off entries

(Limited to a max of $10.00 off)

Guest rental players will receive $5.00 off entries as well

Limited to first 60 players


Paint $20.00/500 bag (Event Paint Only)
Free air HPA 3000 psi fills.
Co2 $5.00 all day (9, 12, 16, 20oz)





It is preferred you dress in costume but not mandatory.


Free gift for the best dressed costume, costumes will be judged by the field referees’ before game starts and will be awarded at the end of the day.


Door prizes will be given out at end of the game when armbands returned.



How to Pay



You can pre-register by, money order, Cash at the store or at field.
Please make payment to: C/o brucesonline.com

Mail to

8916 Commercial St.

New Minas

B4N 3C9
Telephone: 902-681-9469
FAX: 902-681-0742



Game Schedule:


8:30am - Officials on site.

9:00-10:00am - Player registration / staging.  Players are to have markers chronographed.

10:00am - Costumes are counted for field advantage. Safety rules, game briefing.

10:30am - Team leader briefing.

10:50am - Players to stage entry on field.

11:00am - Game begins.

12:00pm - 1st. scoring tally.

1:00pm - 2nd. scoring tally. (etc. for every hour)

3:30pm - 30 minute countdown.

3:45pm - 15 minute countdown.

3:50pm - 10 minute countdown.

3:59pm - 1 minute countdown.

4:00pm - Game ends.  Final score tally.


Game Play:


There will be 3 teams-Red, Blue and Yellow.


The team with the most players in costume (as judged by the officiating staff) will be given first choice of home base on the field. *Please try and avoid bright colors (yellow and orange) as they signify field officials.


Each team will have 5 painted skulls scattered on the field to secure and return to their home base. Once the skulls are returned to the home base they are to be displayed on the mount and not obscured.  The object of the game is to score points by maintaining at least 1 of your home team’s skulls and capturing as many as the opposing team’s skulls as possible.

The scoring will be tallied as follows:

                1 point for each of your own skulls.

                2 points for each of your opponent’s skulls.

                1 bonus point per skull if 4 or more of the same opposing team’s skulls are captured.


Scoring is tallied every hour (see Schedule).  A horn will sound for 5 seconds on each of the scoring times. Each team will have a referee to count the skulls the team has on display and score points.  Any skulls that are in transit and not in the mount at the home base are not counted. To score points the team must possess at least 1 of their own skulls inside their base during the scoring time. If the team has none of their home skulls no points are awarded to that team, regardless of how many opponent skulls they may have collected.


Each team will have 3 Medicine Men MM (Medicine Men) will be the only players allowed to “heal” other players. Once a player is hit they must yell “hit” and cease play. The player can then yell for a MM but, must stay where they have been eliminated. Eliminated players advancing toward any MM will have 5 points deducted from their team score and that team will lose 1 MM. If the player was carrying any chance tokens or skulls then standard capture the flag rules apply.  If there is no MM in the hit player’s area to punch the player’s dog tag then the player is eliminated and must return to their staging area.  Referee’s discretion may be used (e.g. no MM that can reach the player because of a firefight, etc.). MM can’t “heal” themselves.

Players can only carry 1 chance token or skull at any one time.

There are 10 chance tokens/objectives to be found on the field. They are Halloween props such as a pumpkin head, a sword, tombstone, etc. Once the Halloween prop has been acquired it must be returned to the player’s home base for it to be awarded.  The base referee will then advise the team of the chance token they have found. If the player is eliminated before he/she returns to their home base then the chance token must be placed at the nearest bunker or most visible location from where the player was hit (standard capture the flag rules apply). Each team will start with 1x Witch Express and 1x Devil's Fog chance token that can be used at anytime during the game.


The chance tokens to be collected around the field are:


2x Witch Express - The Witch Express works exactly the same as an air drop. The team leader chooses 5 players to be involved in the Witch Express. The team leader chooses the field location, a grid location or outside a specific bunker, and advises the referee of the destination. The referee will guide the players as close to the location chosen as the Witch Express can’t land inside bunkers.  The players on the Witch Express must hold a broom stick between their legs until they are at the location. Players on the Witch Express can’t fire at players while in flight and players witnessing the Witch Express can’t fire or advance on the players involved. Players dishonoring this rule will be eliminated.  Players in the destination area of the Witch Express will be given 5 seconds to clear back to a location at least 40ft. from the landing zone.  Players not doing so will be eliminated. Once the referee is at the destination the players involved will have a 5 second count to drop their broom and resume play  *Note: players that drop their broom during flight are eliminated and must return to their staging area. This chance token can be used at anytime.

2x Devil’s Fog - The team leader tells the referee of the specific bunker or grid location that he/she wants to use the Devil’s Fog (DF) on.  The referee will go to the location and call a “cease fire/halt all moves”.  Players are to cease firing and cannot advance/retreat.  The referee will mark the fog area and any/all players within the 40ft. diameter of this area are eliminated.  A 5 minute smoke grenade will be used to simulate the DF.  Once the smoke clears or 5 minutes have passed the referee will give the “all clear” and play can resume in this area.  This chance token can be used at anytime.

2x Crystal Ball - This is a 2 part chance token and can be used at anytime.
1.  The team leader has the chance to be able to find out what the opposing team has for skulls
      e.g. how many blue, red and yellow?
2.  The team leader can know the current score.

Gain a Skull - Allows a team to take any 1 skull from the opposing team, this includes 1 of their own skulls.  The team leader tells the referee what skull he/she wants. The referee acquires the skull, not the players.  If the opposing team does not have the desired skull then the objective is considered used, the choice of skull stands.  The skull must be in the opponent’s home base to be gained otherwise the team loses that chance token.  This chance token can be used at anytime.

 Gain a Medicine Man – The team gains another Medicine Man. The team leader chooses any player to perform this duty.

2x All Seeing Eye – Allows a single player to walk the field for 3 minutes to observe and report back to their team leader. During this time the player will be marked by carrying a blue flag. This player can not engage other players while observing and opposing players can’t target/eliminate this player.


General Rules:


1.        Each player will be issued a team color armband that will be consistent with all members of the player’s team.  Each player must wear the armband on the left arm between the elbow and shoulder in a plainly visible fashion (no over lapping clothing).

2.        All safety rules of the field shall be honored.  In the staging area and any area outside of the playing boundaries markers MUST have barrel sleeves and the safety on.  Zero tolerance.

3.        Masks must be worn on the field at all times.

4.        All players must chronograph their markers to be under the field limit of 280fps.

5.        Anytime a player yells “hit”, “out”, puts their barrel sleeve on their barrel or waves their paintball marker above their head the player is eliminated, regardless of an actual paintball break.


** NOTE: If you have an easy shot on a person at which you have the time to pick your shot then kindly shoot an area (such as a pod pack) that would cause minimal pain.  If possible, within 20ft. offer your opponent the option of surrender.  If the player does not surrender then players are free to continue to play.


6.        Elimination is defined as any hit or splatter from a paintball, grenade and/or landmine or subsequent break resulting in a marking on the player and/or their active equipment (this includes any part of the costume such as horns, cape, etc.) that is equal to or greater than the size of a dime.  Any paint splatter from a paint grenade or landmine, regardless of size, results in a player’s elimination.  Each time a player is eliminated they must return directly to their team’s designated staging area without deliberate delay, unless the MM is used.

7.        There will be no “playing on”.  “Playing on” is defined as a player moving more than 3 feet, firing a marker or other weapon, or remaining in the game for more that 3 seconds after the player has been hit with a paintball in an obvious location (at the sole discretion of the referee), with the paintball leaving a spot of paint that, when covered with a dime, will show paint on all sides of the dime.  A referee will not call a player “out” until 3 seconds after the player has been hit (unless the player calls a paint check on themselves.)  There will be no warnings issued, and the referee’s initial determination is conclusive and thereby not open to discussion.

8.        Wiping will be cause for elimination.  Wiping is a player “playing on” after making an effort to obscure or otherwise remove the paint left by a hit.  Players caught wiping will have 5 points deducted from their team’s score.

9.        Players must stay within the confines of the field boundaries.

10.     Radios are allowed.  The assigned channels will be #1 for referees only, red team #2, 3, 4 blue team #5, 6, 7 yellow #8, 9, 10.  “Illegal talking” will not be allowed.  This includes anytime a player speaks, motions, radios or otherwise communicates with their team members after they have been eliminated from play. Dead men don’t talk!

11.     Hand grenades and landmines are the only special weapons allowed.  Any non-pyrotechnic, hand-thrown grenade shall be allowed (unlimited quantity are allowed on the field.)  Field officials MUST inspect paintball landmines for field safety and to authorize use.  A player is considered eliminated if any splatter of paint from a grenade or landmine is found on his/her person or equipment (grenade splatter/landmine is not subject to the dime size rule.)


12.     There will be no tolerance for:


Field adjustment of marker velocity - anytime a player takes a mechanical action, the result of which is to raise the velocity of his/her or any other player’s marker above the field chronographed speed of 280fps.

                “Hot Gun” - any marker firing consistently more than 5 feet per second over the stated field limit. Referees may check marker velocity anytime during the game at their discretion.

                Players using any other paint besides event paint.

                Disrespecting field officials and unsportsmanlike conduct, such as but not limited to over shooting players, “Deadman Walking” tactics, foul language and harassment.

                Drugs or alcohol on the premises.


*Violation of the above rules will result in player elimination from the game and request to leave the premises without refund.


If in doubt, talk to a referee.  The referees are only interested in making sure the players abide by the rules and have a good time.  Any game play that is not covered in the rules will be ruled on as they arise.  Remember the referees are interested in ensuring a good time and good sportsmanship.

*These rules are subject to change at the discretion of field officials. Every effort will be made to keep players informed.