Fall Out

Fall Out
Event Date: Aug 09, 2009
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Present day New York City
 It’s a year after the Dirkastan Army detonated their weapon of mass destruction. The nuclear fallout from the explosion has been spread across the globe. The world as it was a year ago is no more. There are no humans running infrastructure that we once took for granted. There’s no commercial air travel, running subways or health care. Automated computer systems are still sporadically running things. Those not killed in the explosion have been infected by nuclear radiation poisoning and are searching for a cure before their time runs out.
The future was dim for the survivors until a message of hope was broadcast in Times Square. The Citizens of Australia have been spared any ill affects of the fallout. The world’s weather patterns spared the country and shifted the fallout to neighboring countries and the northern hemisphere. The country has transmitted a message requesting anyone with raw resources of oil, water, energy etc. to help replenish their dwindling supply. Australia is under martial law and everything is under strict government and military rationing. Not just anyone will be allowed in the country. The military will use any means necessary to keep any infected people out and anyone that doesn’t have the resources there looking for. Can you get cured, gather everything on the “Australia wish list”, and fend off other people looking the same things and get to Australia, the safe haven?


Pre-registration starts now!      
Pre -register before July 31, 2009
Entries $15.00 per player with or with out your own gear. *FREE GIFT included in players pack.
Free rental gear this includes marker, goggles, air, *FREE GIFT included in players pack.
Paint $70.00 per case per player. Savings of $10.00 per case  or
Paint $20.00/ bag 
Event Paint Only
Free HPA 3000 fills.
CO2 $5.00/day
If you register after July 31, 2009 entries $15.00 per player with or with out your own gear.* FREE GIFT NOT INCLUDED       
Free rental gear this includes marker, mask, air, * FREE GIFT NOT INCLUDED
Paint $20.00/ bag $80.00 per case.
Event Paint Only
Free HPA 3000 fills.
CO2 $5.00/day
Door Prizes will be drawn at end of day (value of prizes based on number of players.)
You can pre-register by, money order, Cash at the store or at field.
Please make payment to:   C/O brucesonline.com

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