4 Man Indoor Challenge 2

4 Man Indoor Challenge 2
Event Date: Mar 07, 2009
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  4 Man Indoor Challenge & Top Gun
Recreation Player Event
 Pre-registration starts now! (10 Teams Max) Don't wait get your team signed up this event is going to fill up fast.
Cost - Entries $60.00 per team. Due Date Feb 25, 09
Free Rental Equipment use for this Game-(Includes Goggles, Marker with unlimited Air)
Paint $20.00/500 bag (Event Paint Only)  
Free HPA 3000 psi fills.
Co2 $5.00 all day(9,12,16,20oz)
Note- Door prizes at end of the game.
This is a recreation player event no speedball teams.
Team name on a large trophy for bragging rights.
How to Pay 
You can pre-register by, money order, Cash at the store or at field.
Please make payment to:   C/o brucesonline.com
Mail to   brucesonline.com
               8916 Commercial St. New Minas    B4N 3C9
               Telephone : 902-681-9469
               FAX : 902-681-0742
Please be sure to include the following info with your payment: Name, Address, Phone #, E-mail.
More Info E-mail me at
4 Man Indoor Challenge Update
Mar 07, 2009
We would like to thank all the players that made it out to this event,without you these events wouldn’t be possible. We hope all you players had as good of a time as the staff did, we enjoyed talking to all the players and watching the games. We were glad the event started on time and finished on schedule. It was nice to see everyone following the rules and playing fairly.
Congratulations to the winning team, Iron Legion, these players were Nick Carter, Sean Saunders, Nick Pietracupa and Brad Lyons. This was their first time playing at Storm and we hope to see them again. They were able to get 830 pts out of 900 pts. Well done!
Other placings are as follows:
2-AGS                           800 pts
3-Tartan Assassins 1      710 pts
4-War Machine              660 pts
5-Tartan Assassins 2      460 pts
6-Wolf Pack                   430 pts
7-Renegade                   330 pts
8-Aggravated Assault     290 pts
9-Dartmouth Destroyers 200 pts
Team 10 was a no show with 0 pts
Sportsmanship award went to team Dartmouth Destroyers, these guys played well together despite the fact they never played together before or have not played in any events to date.  Each team member received a medal for sportsmanship. These players were Guy Eastabrook, Evan Eastabrook, Tyler Bigelow and Nigel Ward.
Due to the lack of interest for the Top Gun their was no top gun held this event, Maybe next time.
Prizes were drawn and given out to ticket holders at the end of the day. Prizes were valued at $500.00+. This was the second time with this new idea and seemed to go over well.
We also would like to thank the Refs James Walsh, Lloyd Irving, Travis Jeffery, great job.
We also would like to thank Linda and Junior for their help getting equipment ready and food service.
Looking forward to the next event. Check out our events on www.storwarningpaintball.ca
Thanks again