War for Oil

War for Oil
Event Date: July 8, 2012
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War for Oil  Scenario Game


Pre-registration starts now!       RAIN OR SHINE EVENT 


Event Date – July 8, 2012  

Start Time - 11:00am (Be On Time) 


The earlier that you sign up for this game the more tickets you will receive towards door prizes. Example if you


Pre-Register June 6th – June 24th Entries -$15.00 per player and receive 3 Tickets and Event Patch to the first 150 players. We also will have a draw for a BT SA17 Pistol on June 24th for signing up early.

Pre-Register June 25th – July 7th Entries -$15.00 per player and receive 2 Tickets and Event Patch to the first 150 players.

Register on game day July 8th Entries -$20.00 per player and receive 1 Ticket and Event Patch to the first 150 players.


Paint - $80.00 per case or $20.00 per bag 500 (Event Paint Only)
Free - HPA 3000-4500psi fills.
Co2 -
$5.00 all day (9, 12, 16, 20oz)


All Rental Equipment for this Game -$5.00 Please book ahead with Payment this will speed up things on game day.


Door prizes - $1000.00+ (value of prizes based on number of players.)


Note- We will have the first draw for a TM15 at 10:00 am on game day so please be on time. All other Door Prizes will be drawn at end of day when arm bands returned. Players must be present to receive prizes.


Brucesonline.com will have items for sale at the field on game day at great prices.


How to Pay 

E-Mail Transfers to brian@stormwarningpaintball.ca

Question is – Game Name is?

Answer is – WarforOil


You can also register by: Cash at the store or field, Money order
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It has been 22 years since Saddam Hussein has been in power in Iraq.  Back then in 1990 the price of oil was averaging US$17.00 a barrel, a far cry from the current average pricing of US$85.00 a barrel and the record peak of US$145 barrel reached in July 2008.  A lot has changed in the world.  The countries in the developed world are still ever reliant on oil and petroleum.  That petroleum is found in the gasoline in your car, in the asphalt on the roads you drive, plastics and pharmaceuticals in your everyday life.  It’s estimated that the world consumes 88 million barrels each day.  The western world is under a lot of pressure to keep its economic engine pumping with the black stuff.

Over the years Iraq has strengthened its relations with its bordering countries of Syria and Iran.  Collectively the countries have formed a splinter version of OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) called PIS, The Petroleum Importing Syndicate.  Together the 3 countries produce 17 million barrels of oil a day.  Kuwait is the one neighbour that has resisted any and all attempts by Iraq to join the syndicate.  Iraq wants control over more of the Rumaila oil field that border the two countries and Kuwait wants to retain its control to maintain its relationship with the other Gulf countries and the United States.

Iraq has always had a Plan B if Kuwait wasn’t going to be a syndicate member.  It has been quietly strengthening its military and drilling resources waiting to make a move at the right moment.  With the world’s appetite and current price for a barrel of oil the time for Iraq to strike is now.  The tool in Iraq’s arsenal to attack is underground slant drilling.  This is the means for Iraq to extract the oil from Kuwait’s side of the Rumaila oil field.

All this activity has been monitored by the United States National Security Agency satellites and spies within OPEC.  The key members Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates have been pressuring the United States to apply their military to form a coalition to force PIS to comply with the statutes of OPEC.  Diplomatic measures and sanctions have failed against PIS.  With the price of oil doing nothing but rocketing skyward the coalition needs to act now.