5 Man Indoor Challenge

5 Man Indoor Challenge
Event Date: Sat. Mar. 17, 2012

4 Man Indoor Challenge 3


Pre-registration starts now! 

Event Date – Sat. Mar. 17, 2012

Start Time - 11:00am (Be On Time)

Entries - $20.00 per player (Non-refundable if your team is a no show)

Paint - $60.00 per case or $40.00 for 1000rds

(Event Paint Only)


Free - HPA 3000-4500psi fills.
Co2 - $5.00 all day (9, 12, 16, 20oz)

Free - Rental packages for this Game (Includes goggles, gun, and air tank)


The earlier that you sign up for this game the more tickets you will receive towards door prizes. Example if you  

Pre-Register Feb 18 – Mar 4 you will receive 2 tickets

Pre-Register Mar 5 – Mar 17 and you will receive 1 ticket

Prizes – 60%+ of entries will be given out in prizes based on 6 teams (Player must be present to receive prizes.)


Medals for 1st place team (larger Medals)


1st place winning team will have their team and players names on a large trophy for bragging rights.

For the top winning team this trophy will be able to be taken to each player’s home for one month during the end of the league and returned to the store in Sept for 2013 season

Top over all winning team will get 4 smaller trophies -1 for each player


This is a recreation player event


Shooting modes – Semi- Auto only with 10 bps

How to Pay 

E-mail money transfers - can be sent to Brian@stormwarningpaintball.ca


Note: Question is – What is the field name? Answer – Storm Warning


Cash – can be paid at the store or at field.

Money order - Please make payment to: C/o brucesonline.com
Mail to

8916 Commercial St.

New Minas

B4N 3C9
Telephone: 902-681-9469 FAX: 902-681-0742